Dealing with a malware attack

Does your computer run uncharacteristically slow, has gone unstable or display unfamiliar error messages? If it does, then you have every reason to suspect that it has just been infected with malware!

Just the thought of malware infection can send shivers down anyone’s spine. For the uninitiated, malware includes viruses, spyware and other unwanted software that can be used to monitor your online activity, steal your personal information, commit fraud and/or cause your computer or mobile devices to crash.




Some Shocking Malware Statistics

Here are some frightening malware facts and figures, according to Malwarebyte’s “State of Malware” 2016 report.

  • More than a billion malwares were detected from a million consumers across 200 countries.
  • Ransomware (a type of malicious software that blocks access to a computer system until ransom is paid) accounted for 66% of the global malware payloads.
  • Businesses and corporations in North America experienced 81% of the global ransomware attacks launched in 2016. In Europe, almost half of the ransomware attacks were directed against individuals.
  • There was a noticeable rise in the incidence of ad fraud malware and botnets in 2016.


Is Your Computer Infected? Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Aside from the general warning signs mentioned earlier, here are some other signs that may indicate a problem:

  • Computer won’t shut down or restart
  • Shows an endless stream of pop-ups
  • Resists the removal of unwanted software
  • Displays web pages that you don’t intend to visit and shows ads in pages where you least expect them
  • Displays unexpected toolbars or icons in your browser or desktop

Getting Rid of Malware

Here are some steps that you should take if you think that your computer is infected by a malicious malware:

  • Stop all online activities, especially those that require you to log in or provide sensitive information.malware
  • Update your security software, scan your computer and delete everything identified as a threat.
  • Reset your browser to its original settings.
  • Reach out to the computer manufacturer for tech support.
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