BYOT: Tips for Allowing Your Child to Take the iPad to School

While some educators may continue to debate about the pros and cons of using computers as teaching tools, some schools have started to implement the BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) approach to help students research information, solve complex problems and interact and collaborate with their teachers and fellow students. byotIn fact, some school districts in Houston and Central Florida, and 100% of schools in the Forsyth County School District have now adopted the BYOT program.

However, since mobile devices such as an iPad can cost a significant amount of money, what should you do to protect your investment when you allow your child to take it to school? Here are some tips that you may want to consider.

Do’s and Don’ts When Taking the iPad to School

  • Keep it well protected. Use a screen protector to prevent scratches and dings on the glass and use a silicone case to improve your grip on the device and prevent accidental damages. For added protection, use an iPad case to protect your kid’s device. You should likewise set a password to safeguard your kid’s iPad and prevent inadvertent disclosure of private information.
  • Don’t leave it lying around. Teach your kid to take care of his iPad at all times. Leaving it unattended in an unsecured location even for a second increases the risk of accidental damage, loss and theft.
  • Don’t expose it to extreme temperatures. Exposing it to direct sunlight and allowing moisture to get into the openings can cause significant damage to your iPad.
  • byotAlways bring the charger. You’ll never know when the batteries will run low so tell your kid to always bring the charger with him when he takes the iPad to school.
  • Protect it during travels. The iPad can be extremely fragile so use a travel case to provide ample protection when travelling from home to school and back.

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