Five things tips for buying a refurbished iPhone

You know you want an iPhone, but the cost of such a device can be more than a lot of interested consumers may be able to afford. Without signing a wireless plan and getting the discounts, a new iPhone can be as much as $800-$900 for the unit alone. Even wireless company plans that come bundled with the iPhone can still cost up to $500, and that’s quite a pill to swallow. A refurbished iPhone could be the way to if you are looking to save a little money, but there are a few things you’ll want to check out before making that second-hand purchase.

Buying a refurbished iPhone: Doing your homework

There are a number of factors and things you’ll want to confirm before making that refurbished iPhone your own.

  • Check the phone’s carrier: If you already have a cell phone plan through a wireless company, you’ll need to make sure the refurbished iPhone you are buying is made for that carrier. An AT&T iPhone will never be able to connect to a Sprint or Verizon network (without rooting the phone, but that’s a story for another day), so make sure your refurbished iPhone matches the carrier you already have.refurbished iphone
  • Make sure it isn’t stolen: The theft of iPhones is so widespread, it has been given a nickname, “Apple picking.” You want to make sure your new iPhone isn’t a stolen one. Have the seller check the IMEI/MEID number (if they haven’t already) to discern if the phone is registered to someone else. The new fingerprint scanner has cut down on theft somewhat, but in older iPhones this is still more than worth checking out.
  • Check the battery: After years of use, like anything, the iPhone’s battery can start to fade. Have the seller demonstrate that the refurbished iPhone can take and hold a charge before you make the purchase; iPhone batteries are not easily or cheaply replaced.
  • Check for damage: Give the refurbished iPhone a really good look before you spend your money. Dings or scratches can be indicators of internal issues, hairline glass cracks can quickly become obvious, ugly and dangerous and, in newer refurbished iPhones, you’ll want to make sure the fingerprint scanner on the home button is fully functional. iPhones with a malfunctioning fingerprint scanner are 100% unusable due to have the phone is updated with the newest firmware, so you should avoid any iPhone 6 or newer with a busted fingerprint scanner like the plague.
  • Check the storage: Though modern iPhones baseline amount of GB storage is higher than it used to be, you’ll want to make sure you are getting the right amount of storage for you. A 32GB phone might sound like it has a lot of memory for your music, photos and games, but considering Apple is no making refurbished iphoneiPhones with up to 256GB storage, you’ll want to opt for as much memory as you can.

There are other factors you’ll want to consider, like who you are buying the refurbished iPhone from and whether they offer a warranty, but checking out these five things will put you one step closer to the phone of your dreams.

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