Protecting Your Personal Data via Cell Phone Security

With the increase in cybersecurity threats comes the need for stronger cell phone security measures. Since most of us rely heavily on our cell phones and use them to transmit and store personal and business data on a daily basis, we need to be able to safeguard that data and reduce our risks of being victimized by devious hackers. So, what can you do to secure your mobile phone? Here are some cell phone security tips that can help you thwart those nasty cyber attacks.

7 Ways to Improve Cell Phone Security 

  1. Lock your phone. Use a strong password or put your phone’s fingerprint detection feature to work to keep nosy people from accessing your data. For added security, set the time on your password lock to 30 seconds or less.cell phone security
  2. Back it up. Get into the habit of backing up your data. Connecting your device to its associated cloud server and encrypting your data can save you from some very serious problems ahead.
  3. Put remote wipe into action. By using this feature, you can easily erase your data should your device fall into the wrong hands. It can also help you locate your smartphone.
  4. Be wary of third-party apps. If you’re an Android user, do not install unknown third-party apps, especially if it asks for too much personal information. If you want to stay safe, buy your apps from a trusted app store.
  5. Install an anti-virus software. Keep in mind that a powerful anti-virus software can effectively protect your device (especially Android) against malware that comes with some of the apps.
  6. Don’t choose “remind me later”. You should be able to receive update alerts immediately to prevent security holes from causing any troubles.cell phone security
  7. Go for VPN. Instead of using public wifi, which is largely unsecured, consider using a virtual private network (VPN). A credible VPN service will encrypt all the information you transmitted online so hackers won’t be able to access any of it.

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