Phone screen repair

Nearly everyone knows the feeling by now. You are getting out of your car, packing things for work or just out and about with the family and your smartphone just slips through your fingers. What happens next is universal among all smartphone owners; the split second of sheer terror as we watch our phones tumble to the ground with the mad dash to pick it up and inspect the screen for cracks. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t as lucky as others. If your smartphone screen is cracked, you really have two choices: live with it and perhaps get a hilarious background picture highlighting your phones’ new busted screen or get it fixed. Most choose the latter, so where do you go for the best phone screen repair in Atlanta? UDestroyedWeFix, of course!

Walking around with a cracked screen on your smartphone isn’t the end of the world, but there are more reasons than you might think to take the plunge and get it repaired.


  • 3D Touch: All Apple iPhones (post iPhone 6S) and some Android devices utilize a new 3D Touch feature that manipulates apps and commands based on the pressure used. Light, quick taps function one way, while heavier, longer presses may do something entirely different. Depending on your phone and which apps you use, a cracked screen can render some functions and apps useless.
  • Safety: If your screen does crack, most people see it as a cosmetic problem. What you might not realize is that it can be a safety issue as well. Depending on the nature of the crack, smartphone glass can be extremely sharp and very dangerous. After a cut to the finger, hand or ear, it doesn’t take people long to realize they need immediate phone screen repairs.
  • Looks: For better or worse, carting around a phone with a spiderweb of cracks across its screen isn’t just unattractive, it can elicit judgement from others. If someone can’t take care of an expensive smartphone, why give them a job as a forklift operator? Or let them marry your daughter? Humans judge each other all the time; don’t let skipping out on phone screen repair put a blemish on how others may see you.

A simple call to UDestroyedWeFix can solve your phone screen repair issues and all the problems that go along with it. Our trained technicians can repair all Apple iPhones and iPads, as well as all Android smartphones and tablets, at reasonable prices. The best part? We come to you and fix your smartphone on the spot; no more driving to a repair shop and leaving your device with them until they get around to fixing it (though we do offer in-store fixes as well). Not only does UDestroyedWeFix give you a choice on whether you visit us or vice versa, they can fix most phone screen repair problems in 20 to 30 minutes and offer a lifetime warranty on the work. Repeat customers even get a free smartphone accessory with each repair.

If your smartphone is cracked, avoid injury and embarrassment by calling the best phone screen repair people in Atlanta at UDestroyedWeFix. Call us at 323-793-6315 to make an appointment or visit us in-store today.